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How to Apply for a CQ Monitoring Station ID

The CQ Monitoring Station program is modeled after the renowned WPE program launched by Popular Electronics magazine more than 50 years ago. The program was run by Tom Kneitel, WPE2AB, who would go on to become founding editor of Popular Communications magazine in 1983. Pop'Comm launched its monitoring station program January 1, 2012, filling a void left by the passing of the WPE program and Popular Electronics magazine. When Pop'Comm was made a part of CQ magazine's CQ Plus online digital supplement, it was renamed the CQ Monitoring Station program.

CQ Monitoring Station ID signs are issued on a first-come basis, determined by the date and time on your application email or the postmark of the request you send via the U.S. Postal Service. You may choose a “vanity” station ID or simply say “No Preference,” and we’ll pick a station ID sign for you. Read Monitoring monthly in CQ Plus for the latest updates to the program!

Here is the 4-step procedure to obtain a CQMS ID sign:

Read through the written instructions posted here - STEPS 1, 2, 3 and 4. They're easy and the process takes only a few minutes. Follow the instructions for accessing and searching the CQ Monitoring Station database. Search for the availability of your station ID sign preferences by clicking on the link in STEP 1.

After determining your top three station ID sign choices that are available, look at the sample email of application in STEP 2. Create your application email and send it to: <>.

Return to the database to see which station ID has been assigned you. We will process applications as quickly as possible. Please be patient.

Only after your station ID sign, name, location, and date of issuance appear in the database, will you be officially certified as a CQ Monitoring Station. Only then may you download and fill in your colorful Certificate of Registration, shown above.

If you would prefer to apply via the U.S. Postal Service, send a self-addressed, stamped business-size envelope with your full name, mailing address, your top three station ID sign choices, daytime phone number and monitoring reminiscenses  to: Jason Feldman, WPC2COD, CQ Monitoring Station Program, 25 Newbridge Rd., Hicksville, NY 11801-2953 USA.

We're eager to welcome you as a member of the CQ Monitoring Station community.


Let's get started!

STEP 1: Access the CQ Monitoring Station ID Database
You may use it to assure the monitoring station identification sign preferences you are requesting have not already been granted to another listening post.

To access the CQ Monitoring Station Identification Sign Database, visit <> or CLICK HERE.
 It is also a good link to visit from time to time to see what listening posts are new to the program.

HINT: A simple way to search the database is to press Control F (press ctrl and the letter F), which will open a search window. Type in your last name and press ENTER. The database will automatically be searched for your name. If there is another person with your last name, simply press ENTER again and the search function will continue looking for your last name.

STEP 2: Sending Your Email Request for a Monitoring Station ID Sign
To apply for a CQ Monitoring Station station identification sign, send an email with the following information to <>:

Your full name
Your city, state and country
Your preferred email address
Your top three station identification sign preferences

You are invited to comment on why a particular station identification sign would be special to you.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Sample email:

John Smith
Boston, MA USA
First choice: WCQ1VOA
Second choice: WCQ1DEF
Third choice: KCQ1GHI

Comment: When I was 10 years old the first station I ever heard on my Hallicrafters S-38 shortwave receiver was the Voice of America (VOA). From that moment I was hooked on SWLing and have been doing it ever since! So, WCQ1VOA would be the perfect station ID sign for me.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Two- and three letter suffixes will be issued on a first-come basisPlease direct questions regarding the CQ Monitoring Station Program to:

Jason Feldman, WPC2COD,
Director, CQ Monitoring Station Registration
< >

STEP 3: Wait Until Your Station ID Sign Is 'Official'
After you've sent your CQ Monitoring Station Program station ID sign request to <>, please WAIT until you see your station ID sign, name, date of issuance and monitoring station location appear in the official online database:

CLICK HERE to visit the CQ Monitoring Station database: <>

Again, a simple way to search the database is to press Control F (ctrl and F), which will open a search window. Type in your last name and press ENTER. The database will automatically be searched for your name.

Remember, you are not officially registered in the program until you are listed in the database. We will process requests as quickly as possible, but please be patient.

STEP 4: Downloading and Filling In Your CQMS Certificate
Once you see your station ID sign, name, date of issuance and location appear in the CQ Monitoring Station Program online database, it's time to download and fill in your official monitoring station certificate.
Please click on the image for an enlarged view.

-- Simply scroll to the top of the CQ Monitoring Stations blog and look at the official certificate posted there.
-- To download the certificate to your computer, click on the down arrow at the upper right - circled in red for reference in the partial photograph to the right.
-- From your desktop, download folder, or wherever your Internet downloads are directed, click and open the PDF file called CQ Monitoring Station Certificate.

Please click on the image for an enlarged view.
--  Fill in the certificate by putting your cursor in each of the fields where your personal information will appear: your name, monitoring station location, official CQMS station ID sign, and the date of issuance or your monitoring station ID. That date appears to the right of your name in the CQMS database <>.
-- When you've completed filling in the certificate, print it out.
-- Proudly hang your CQ Monitoring Station certificate on the wall of your monitoring post. And please take a picture of your certificate and monitoring gear! Then email it to: <>. We'd love to run your photograph in an upcoming edition of CQ Plus!



Thank you for becoming a CQ Monitoring Station! We are honored to host such a talented and avid monitoring community - which has grown to more than 1,400 since its launch January 1, 2012. Please keep us posted on your monitoring activities. Write: <>

- Richard Fisher, KPC6PC / KCQ6CQ / KI6SN
Editor, CQ Plus

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